Everything You Need 2 Know

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I’ve got to say…  I’m tired of seeing every single website on the internet with an about page, contact page and maybe of a terms of service.  It seems so ordinary.  This is my about page, my contact page and my terms of service rolled into one stellar page.  (whether you like it or not)

So who am I?

I’m Darren – a southern 34 year old man who’s lived one hell of a life already.  Been married.  Cheated on my wife.  2 kids – love em to death’.  Been arrested 4 times.  Regret none of it.  Now I’m riding solo running my business.  Life is good.  Read on!  (or don’t)

How do you contact me?

Ordinarily you would just email me at admin@fundoosite.com, but honestly I hardly check that email.  If you really need to get in contact with me just comment on my posts a bunch of times!


Let’s get down to the fun of it!

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